What? THUS SAYS THE LORD! is an international Lutheran youth conference.

    • Biblical teaching by excellent international speakers
    • Rich, meaningful, Christ-centered worship
    • Fellowship with youth, students and pastors from all over the world
    • The joy of creation experienced in a beautiful summer city

Host? Corpus Christi is an independent Evangelical-Lutheran association working toward “churchly and biblical renewal among youth in Northern Europe”. The aim is for “young people to be led into an Evangelical-Lutheran church life.” More information here.


Many are saying things today. Clever things. Crazy things. Things that make you “feel good”. Things that make you confused. But not only men are saying things. There is One, who spoke not only so that the whole universe came into being, but also so that men became able to speak, hear and understand. And He spoke to us, in an understandable way, so that we would know Him as He is. The absolute Truth. “Thus says the Lord!” proclaimed the prophets. The Lord! And He speaks! He is as relevant as ever. If we listen, what is He actually saying? Nothing else matters!



Who? Jonathan_FiskPastor Jonathan Fisk from the U.S. will be our plenary-speaker. He is the host of Worldview Everlasting author of the book BROKEN: 7 “Christian” Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible. Here is a review from

Best book I have ever read (after the Bible, of course)! It is wordy, but well worth it. A must read.

Beside Fisk, several excellent speakers from different countries will give indepth-sessions, seminars and preach in our services.


Here are the indepth-sessions:

  1. True to yourself AND the word of the Lord: Being Christian can sometimes end up in a double life when I am not true to myself. The one I am and how I feel goes far from the one I am expected to be and try to be. How can I find peace in my real identity, God, and the life of the Church? Jakob Appell from Sweden offers this session in English.
  2. What is truth? What can we actually believe about God for sure? Critics argue that the Bible is not reliable. Some argue that the Bible must be interpreted differently than I interpret it, and who is right? Others claim therefore that the truth can only be found in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Some see the Spirit’s inner guidance as the way forward. How do I find peace… in the Truth? Fredrik Sidenvall from Sweden offers this session in English.
  3. Getting into the Bible: The Bible is not always easy to read, understand and live by. There are passages that seem difficult, strange, boring, demanding… and others that are sweet, encouraging, hopeful, and lifechanging. How do I get into this thick book, how do I read it, how do I find a rythm in my reading, and most importantly: what does God say to me? Daniel Lyckander and Daniel Johansson from Sweden offers this session in English.
  4. Network of Young Lutheran Theologians: An indepth-session designed specifically for theology students and pastors. The three sessions: 1) The pastor in need of grace (session lead by Sebastian Grünbaum), 2) The pastor as an example (session lead by Jonathan Fisk), 3) The pastor in the life of the congregation (session lead by Niclas Olsson). In English.

Here are the seminars (one or more still to be announced):

Seminar Speaker Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
The Bible – on married life Maria & Bengt Birgersson Swedish English -
The Bible – 2000 years old and still authoritative Daniel Wihlborg English - Swedish (open to public)
The Bible – in a post-Christian and postmodern world Johan Danz - - English
The Bible – on forming prayer Russel Johnsson (USA) - English -
The Bible – on worship and adoration Göran Simonsson English Swedish (open to public) English
The Bible - on our vocations Sebastian Grünbaum (Finland) English English English
The Bible – in the liturgy Olle Fogelqvist Swedish (open to public) Swedish Swedish
The Bible – as the word of a living God Roberts Ottmers (Latvia) Latvian Latvian -
The Bible - on being woman (for women) Ann-Mari Ådahl English English English


Language? The conference is all-English, but translation into Swedish/Finnish/Latvian is offered in many of the lectures and services.

When? From Monday the 30th of June at 17.00 until Friday the 4th of July at 12.00, 2014.

Where? CC14 - sätilaIn Sätila, 40 km east of Gothenburg. The conference will end in Gothenburg city, which could be a reason for you to spend some extra time in this exciting city.

How? The easiest way to get there is by bus, line 330 (bus-stop “Sätila kyrka”) from the Central Station of Gothenburg. Landvetter International Airport is located only 30 km away. Search for “Sätila kyrka” on Google Maps.

Fee? 1000 SEK. Housing (bring mattress to sleep on floor) and food included in the conference fee. If sleeping on floor is unacceptable, we can provide a limited number of beds and rooms at nearby hostels and guesthouses (additional fee), but we must know this as soon as possible.

800 SEK if you arrange housing on your own.

The fee raised to 1000 SEK the 10th of June. Latest date for registration is June 15.

Schedule? Check here!

Questions? Please, contact us by email.

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Registration? The conference welcomes youth (15+) and students (18+), as well as theology students and younger pastors (Network of Young Lutheran Theologians arranges a special program). Previous years, the participants have come from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Germany, UK, US, Canada, Ukraine. Register here:

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