2016 - Hidden and Revealed

Why do we hide from God? What does He want to reveal to us?

The 8th Annual Corpus Christi Conference
Helsinki, Finland
27 June – 1 July 2016

Venue address: HEO, Kirstinkatu 1, 00530 HELSINKI

Main Speaker: Rev. Dr. John W. Fiene (Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, USA)


In-Depth Sessions:

1. God, where are you? God’s presence in suffering (Torkild Masvie, Norway)

2. Church, where are you? The marks of the true Church (Harri Huovinen, Finland)

3. World, where are you going? The Bible on the end times (Armin Wenz, Germany)

4. Network of Young Lutheran Theologians (NYLT)

Seminars on numerous topics ranging from demons to dating (see below)!

Come and experience:

  • Solid, biblical teaching by excellent international speakers
  • Rich, liturgical, Christ-centred worship
  • International fellowship with young adults

Registration NOW OPEN (click here).

Early bird conference fee € 79 (until 31 May 2016)

Regular conference fee € 95 (1 June – 8 June 2016)

Day Ticket € 30; Two-Day Ticket € 55 (registration by email; payments in cash on arrival, exact change only)

The conference fee includes participation, food and floor accommodation for those who need it (now fully booked!). Optional hotel accommodation is available, starting from € 84 per person. Click on the registration link above for more information! 


CC Programme 2016

How to get there

Address: HEO, Kirstinkatu 1, 00530 HELSINKI


From Helsinki Airport:

  • either the airport train to Helsinki Central Railway Station (end stop) and, from the Central Railway Station, hop on tram number 3 or 9 to Kaarlenkatu/Karlsgatan, 400 m from HEO
  • or bus 615 or 617, get off at the stop called Sörnäinen/Sörnäs (M), 1 km from HEO. Either hop on tram number 8 and get off at Urheilutalo/Idrottshuset, one block from HEO, or walk.
  • A regional ticket is valid for the whole journey (€ 5.50 from a machine at the stop, conductor or driver; N.B. buses and trams take small change only!).

From the West Harbour (Tallink, Eckerö Line, St Peter Line):

  • tram number 9 to Kaarlenkatu/Karlsgatan, 400 m from HEO
  • A tram ticket (€ 2.50 from a machine at the stop, € 3.20 from the driver)

From the South Harbour (Tallink Silja, Viking Line, Linda Line):

  • tram number 1A to Kaarlenkatu/Karlsgatan, 400 m from HEO (Tallink, and Linda)
  • from Viking Line, hop on tram 4 first and ask where to change for 1A

N.B. 4-day tickets (4 x 24 hrs; € 20) and 5-day tickets (5 x 24 hrs; € 24) are also worth considering, especially if you’re staying at Omenahotelli!  These are not valid to or from the airport.

From any other address in the Helsinki Region, use the Journey Planner.

Meet the Main Speaker

1120_10153187415467493_3168912929129108042_nThe Rev. Dr. John Fiene is a graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. He was ordained in the Office of the Holy Ministry in 1980. After serving congregations in Minnesota, Utah and Connecticut, he was called to be the Pastor/Mission Developer in Indiana in 1993. He has served in various capacities within the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod – most recently as Vice President of the Indiana District. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor in Advent Lutheran Church, Zionsville, IN. Rumour has it that his heart is Scandinavian despite his holding an American passport.

More on the Theme

In the plenary sessions, we will use God’s own words and ask, “Adam, where are you?” The Christian is divided between the Old Adam (the sinful self) and the New Man (the new creation in Christ). The Old Adam wants to hide from God. It needs to be exposed by God’s word and judged. By being so revealed, it is put to death and destroyed. The New Man is born in us in Baptism when we are created anew in the image of Christ. It is also hidden in us and needs to be exposed by God’s word. The tension between the Old and the New Man remains in us until our death. Both the revealing of the Old Adam to God’s judgment and the coming forth of the New Man must take place daily. It is only by coming to light that we may find lasting peace in Christ.

More on the In-Depth Sessions

1. God, Where Are You? God’s Presence in Suffering (Rev. Torkild Masvie)

Why do I suffer? Is God behind it, or Satan? Why can it happen that the innocent experience suffering and the guilty do not? Where is God when a Christian is suffering, and how should the Christian relate to this?

Rev. Torkild Masvie grew up in Argentina and Japan and has studied theology in Norway, Germany, USA and Israel. Since 2005, he has been co-founding an independent church body called The Lutheran Church in Norway. Rev. Masvie is currently Provisional Bishop of the church and Senior Pastor at the Messiaskirken congregation in Oslo. He is married to Inger and they have three children.

2. Church, Where Are You? The Marks of the True Church (Rev. Harri Huovinen)

Two main topics will be discussed. First, what is the Church in light of the biblical images of the Church, such as Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ? Secondly, where is the Church in light of Luther’s writings and the Lutheran Confessions?

Rev. Harri Huovinen is a graduate of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki and a man of many talents. After serving as a missionary in Japan, he was ordained in the Office of the Holy Ministry in 2012. He is currently serving two congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland while writing his doctoral dissertation in Systematic Theology and Patristics at the University of Eastern Finland. Originally a jazz musician, Rev. Huovinen still finds time for the occasional recording session amidst his many duties.

3. World, Where Are You Going? God’s Plans for the Future of His Creation (Rev. Dr. Armin Wenz)

What does the Bible teach us about the end times? Are Christians optimists or pessimists when they look at the future? How do we prepare ourselves for the future of our world and for the second coming of Christ? What is the relevance of the Old Testament prophecies for the end times?

Rev. Dr. Armin Wenz is pastor at St. Mary Magdalene Lutheran Church in Halle/Saale, Germany. His areas of particular interest are the Word of God, which judges and saves us, ethical topics and the study of the fathers of Lutheran orthodoxy. He has served as a guest professor and speaker in Germany, Siberia, England and Northern Europe. Dr. Wenz is married to Susanne and they have three children.

4. NYLT (Network of Young Lutheran Theologians)

The NYLT in-depth session will have a new topic each day: (1) The hidden and revealed God in the work of Christ, (2) the salvation of man and (3) the Means of Grace. Every session will start with a lecture that lasts 15-20 minutes and is then followed by discussion. Although this in-depth session primarily targets pastors, theologians and theology students, everyone is welcome to attend.

The speaker for this session, Rev. Sebastian Grünbaum, is a graduate of the Faculty of Theology at Åbo Akademi University. He is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland, serving a congregation in Turku (Åbo). He is writing his doctoral dissertation in Systematic Theology at Åbo Akademi University.

More on the Seminars

1. The Two Kingdoms: Rev. Jacob Corzine

Christians can’t escape the world nor should they try to. But does living in the world mean loving according to its terms? Or does being a Christian mean constantly having to take a stand? In this session, we’ll talk through these questions from the perspective of how God rules differently in the world and in the church.

2. Christ Hidden and Revealed in the Old Testament: Rev. Janne Koskela

Christ taught his disciples to read the Old Testament christologically – with a focus on Christ (John 5:39; Luke 24:27). How is this done in real life? In this seminar, we’ll try to get a grasp of two main christological lines in the Old Testament: the promise of the coming Messiah and the justification of the sinner before God.

3. Ethical Challenges Christians Face: Rev. Romans Kurpnieks

Ethics can be divided into these main domains: cultural and religious, political, economic, environmental, life, and community ethics. The Church is a family. “Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone.’” (Gen. 2:18) As God’s creatures we are always related to others. What lifestyle do we have in our community? Do we have ideal and how is it different from the world’s ideal?

4. The Difficulty of Being Forgiven: Rev. Eero Pihlava

We live in a time of an identity crisis. Instead of seeking forgiveness of sins, people are trying to find answers to questions like ‘who am I’ or ‘which sex am I’? People often feel ashamed of themselves but without guilt before the Holy One. Does the Gospel of Christ crucified have anything to give to the people of our time? Is it outdated for people who seek acceptance and guidance from their community rather than forgiveness of their sins from God?

5. How to Read the Bible: Mailis Janatuinen

Do you find it difficult to read the Bible regularly and in a meaningful way? If you do, you will find both motivation and practical advice in this seminar. We will discuss how to make discoveries every time you open your Bible, how to apply the text to your own life and how to find Jesus on its pages.

6. Fighting against the Devil: Rev. Esko Murto

Christ has overcome the devil, but Christians are still called to fight against the evil one. In this seminar, we will examine what this fight means, how it is done, and what the problems are that often exist in modern theologies of ‘spiritual warfare’.

7. Christian Dating Culture – What Is It All about? Emmi Seppänen and Jouko Makkonen

Is dating possible for Christians and what makes going on a date difficult? What is the purpose of dating? Emmi Seppänen and Jouko Makkonen will be leading the discussion of various issues and joys of dating.

8. Finding Meaning in the Difficulties of Life: Rev. Jakob Appell

In this seminar, you are invited to share your stories of life’s difficulties and your reflections on what God’s purpose with it possibly was. Together we’ll explore the love and wisdom of God, revealed in the Bible and through the various circumstances of life.

9. Persecuted but Not Abandoned: Tiia Kalliola and Marianne Auvinen (Open Doors Finland)

How are Christians persecuted today and what does it have to do with me? Come and find out how you can support persecuted Christians. Open Doors is an international mission organisation working across churches, to equip and encourage Christians facing persecution and raise awareness about their situation.

Corpus Christi is an independent Evangelical Lutheran association promoting churchly and biblical renewal among young adults (18+) in Europe.

We hope to see you in Helsinki!