2012 - Come, Holy Spirit!



Corpus Christi welcomes you to the beautiful town of Varberg – to some of you welcome back! Varberg is a perfect example of the beauty of the Swedish summer. Among other blessings you will enjoy the beautiful west coast of Sweden, feel the wingbeats of history (e.g. at Varberg fortress), rejoice in the fellowship of Christians from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the UK, Latvia, the USA and Canada (!) and last, but not least, take part in the community of Corpus Christi (the body of Christ) as we gather in prayer, lectures and worship.

This year we finish the trilogy of the Holy Trinity, as we focus our eyes on the Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Spirit! has been our prayer in our preparations for the conference, and will continue to be our prayer and also the theme of this conference. Through worship and teaching from the Holy Scriptures the same Holy Spirit gives courage to believe in and confess ”The Lord and Giver of Life” (Nicene Creed).

Welcome to the 2012 Corpus Christi conference ”Come, Holy Spirit!”
Jakob Appell
Chairman Corpus Christi

PLENARY: Veni, Sancte Spiritus

Kurt Reinhardt, Canada

IN-DEPTH 1: Caring for the Temple of the Holy Spirit

Fredrik Brosché (Sweden) will be teaching us about regarding and treating your own body in accordance with God’s will. These topics are very much in question among youth today, as many adolescents are troubled with low self esteem, poor self-image, eating disorders, anxiety or dysmorphic disorders, and many other problems in the same direction. How can the Creator of both body and soul help us to care for the “temple of the Spirit of God”?

IN-DEPTH 2: The Letter Kills, but the Spirit Gives Life

Fredrik Sidenvall (Sweden) will be teaching us about how God is working to make us his own. Scripture can be both sharp and comforting. How do we stop ourselves from picking out tidbits of our own liking (thereby forming our own “God”) instead of letting God have his say in His Words - words of salvation? What does the Holy Spirit do to us by the Word? Jesus calls the Spirit our advocate and counsellor. What does it mean?

IN-DEPTH 3: We believe also in the Holy Spirit

Esko Murto (Finland) will be teaching on the Church, Offices and Means of Grace. The first thing we confess in the Creed about the Father is that he is the “maker of heaven and earth”. The first thing about the Son is “our Lord”. The first thing we confess about the Holy Spirit is… what? The holy Christian Church! We might have expected some words about the gifts or guidance of the Spirit. This set of lectures will trace us back to the fundamentals of who the Spirit is and what he does.

IN-DEPTH 4: Praying in the Holy Spirit

Jan Bygstad (Norway) will be teaching us about charismatic Christianity, common prayer (liturgy of the hours) and spirituality. The charismatic movement around the world has awakened many difficult questions. Is all this the manifestation of the Spirit? Am I lacking the Holy Spirit? Is the Spirit guiding us in a certain manner? Do I feel spiritual? What is praying in the Holy Spirit?

IN-DEPTH 5: Filled with Holy Spirit

Timo Laato (Finland) will be teaching us about how a person is filled with Holy Spirit - thereby bearing fruit and being given spiritual gifts. It is self evident that the Holy Spirit is given before his fruits and gifts. But how do I get filled with Holy Spirit? How will I be equipped with the Spirit who has so many gifts and juicy fruits to give?

IN-DEPTH 6: For theology students and young pastors

Jari Kekäle (Finland) will be leading this set of in-depth sessions recommended for theology students and young pastors in Northern Europe. The purpose is to bring these together for shring thoughts and discussions about the evangelical lutheran church life and worship.

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