2011 - The King

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Corpus Christi 2011: The King – Konungen – Kuninkaamme!

Corpus Christi cordially welcomes you to another youth conference, this year also in another country – Finland! Kristinestad is one of those gems you may find along the west coast of Finland, and is a great place to play and have fun together. Besides this experience of God’s gifts in the creation, you will also further explore the joy of being part of Corpus Christi, the church, as you get to with people from all over Northern Europe. And together we worship. Daily we gather for prayer, preachings, and singing. Corpus Christi becomes visible as we gather around the table to receive what is Corpus Christi, the body of Christ (in the bread), along with Christ’s blood in the Lord’s Supper. There we receive the blessing of the sacrificial death of Corpus Christi, the pierced body of Christ, who shed his blood for us on the cross. Who this Christ is, the King of kings, you will further discover when we study! Christ, your King, is coming! He is crowned with thorns and so He reigns! You may, by grace, live in His eternal kingdom! And His kingdom comes!

Welcome to Corpus Christi 2011 and the conference “the King”!

Rev. Jakob Appell,
Corpus Christi

Plenary session

Rev. Peter Bender from the US.

In the Book of Revelation Jesus is named ”the King of kings” (Rev 19:16). He was, and is, the long awaited King. In the Old Testament, a king like David, Solomon and Melchizedek was promised – but even more! “Behold, your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he” (Zech 9:9). But when He comes He appears differently. He is born in a stable, is surrendered by his followers, receives a crown of thorns, and is finally nailed on a cross. Right there, the King of kings is crowned! The whole world can see who the crucified one is: “Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews”. Raised from the dead, He reigns in His eternal kingdom having all authority in heaven and on earth. His kingdom is not only here (invisibly) – it will also come (visibly)! To this kingdom, people of all nations are invited, including You! At this Corpus Christi conference you will get to know who the King is – for you!


1. Behold, your King comes to you!

Speaker: Leif Nummela, Finland

All the books of the Bible tell about the King, do you want to know how? Leif Nummela has written the book about “The Red Thread of the Bible” and given lectures on the topic for many years. His focus is on finding Jesus throughout the whole Bible. In this lecture Nummela will take us on a journey through the Bible in search of our King. Please note the deviations in the timetable which are listed in the program.

2. A crucified King

Speaker: Esko Murto, Finland

This lecture is called “A crucified King” and is given by Esko Murto from Finland. The King is crowned through humiliation and death: a crown of thorns and the words “Jesus of Nasareth, the King of the Jews” nailed above his head. Jesus’ disciples also had to confront their crosses (adversities). In this lecture you will find out why!

3. The King of kings rules!

Speaker: Fredrik Sidenvall, Sweden

Jesus is the King and Lord of the whole universe. How can this be true in our time of moral corruption and secularisation? He governs, but how? These are the sort of questions we will be looking into during this lecture. Fredrik Sidenvall is a lecturer at a Christian high school and the editor in chief of the newspaper “Kyrka & folk” (The Church & the people).

4. A life in His Kingdom

Speaker: Jakob Appell, Sweden

How do we live in the kingdom of the King? What is my place in it? Jakob Appel will lead us into this topic during his lecture. He is the founder of Corpus Christi and a Bible teacher at the Bible school in Gothenburg.

5. Your Kingdom come!

Speakers: Reino Toikka, Cyprian Kanuty Moshi

The kingdom of the King is coming in the Church, through Christian mission and finally at the end of time. In this lecture we will focus on mission and the Churches activities especially during difficult times. Reino Toikka is a chaplain and has been a missionary in Kenya. Cyprian Kanuty Moshi is a pastor visiting from Tanzania. He will speak about mission with a perspective on Islam and he will also tell us news about the church in Africa.

6. An in-depth session directed to theologians and students of religious studies where the future of the church is discussed

Speaker: Timo Laato

Faith in the Bible and Lutheranism are not doing well in western Christianity. Do they bear meaning anymore? All the statistics of the church show a decline. Things are bad today and the forecast for tomorrow is even worse. Is it even worth fighting for? Christianity is quickly spreading in the third world but not in Europe. What can we do about the situation? Where can we find help in our distress? How can we proclaim Jesus in such a way that people will hear and believe? During this lecture we will ponder on the future of the Church. The lecture is especially designed for students of theology and pastors. Timo Laato (PhD) is a pastor and teacher at the Bible school in Gothenburg.

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