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“Corpus Christi” youth conference in Varberg, Sweden, June 23-26, 2009!

The first thing we confess about the Holy Spirit is that he builds a holy catholic Church. We are called, not only to be individual disciples of Jesus, but also to be built up as living stones in that spiritual building which is the Church of Christ. When we look around and see church structures preventing the Holy Spirit, and spiritual movements foreign to the life of the Church of Word and Sacraments, we are willing to accept the call we received in Baptism to live with Jesus Christ in his Church, lead by his Spirit and word. Our prayer is that, when we gather together from various parts of Sweden and the Nordic countries (and beyond), from different Lutheran churches and circles, the prophetic word of David will be fulfilled: Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day you lead your forces on the holy mountains. From the womb of the morning, like dew, your youth will come to you. (NRS Ps 110:3)

The purpose of the youth conference, to which You are invited, is to give you courage and joy, founded on the steadfast ground of the Word and in forms uniting Christians of all times and in all places, and to pour out of the wells of salvation opened by the Holy Spirit in the divine service, in biblical teaching, and in common prayer and singing. In the conviction that everything good comes from God, we also want to give rich opportunities to experience the joy of life in nature together with other youth (Varberg is a wonderful “summer city”).

Conference theme:   “… for you!”

  • Do you realize the width, height, length, and depth of what God has done “for you”, is doing “for you”, and will do “for you”? Christian faith is about what Christ does for me.
  • Therefore, we want to spend time highlighting God’s work “…for you!”
  • Emphasis will be on the atonement, and the means through which God gives the atonement to people.
  • Our prayer is that you will be renewed in your appreciation for what God has done for you and still does for you!
  • Our wish is also that you will see with greater appreciation of what happens in the Divine Service, every Sunday in your parish!


  • Peter Bender, a pastor from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (USA)
  • Timo Laato, a Lutheran pastor from Finland and a professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology, Gothenburg
  • Jan Bygstad, a Lutheran pastor from Norway
  • Various pastors and others from Sweden, e.g., Fredrik Sidenvall, Olle Fogelqvist, Jakob Appell.
  • Attending pastors may participate as preachers or teachers at seminars.


  • Services, following “the hours”
  • Teaching, focusing on the conference theme
  • Seminars, addressing topics which is of current interest for youth
  • Group meetings, a forum for youth to chat with each other
  • Free time activities, a forum for activities and joy in nature
  • Leader meetings, special teaching for youth leaders and pastors

Where?  The services will be in the main cathedral of Varberg, lectures and seminars at Campus Varberg (the university). Free time activities at the beach and around the Varberg fortress (historical site).  Accommodations will be in excellent cabins. Varberg could be a great starting-point for a longer holiday in Sweden. We gladly offer advices and suggestions.

For whom?  Corpus Christi invites youth from all the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland), from the age of around 15, as well as their leaders and pastors. People from English-speaking countries are also welcome.

Language?  The services will be held in Swedish. Printed agendas will be available. Teaching and seminars will be given in various Nordic languages, a few also in English. Some of this will be available in English through simultaneous translating.

Registration?  For all those of you who are English-speaking, please contact us.  Welcome!

What is Corpus Christi?  Corpus Christi is a youth organization working for renewal in church and biblical teaching among youth in the Nordic countries. The purpose is to lead youth into evangelical LutheranChurch life.

Background? The background for this project is the positive experience of visiting youth conferences in the USA, arranged by Higher Things, a Lutheran youth organization ( Higher Things is a movement within the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The group from Sweden (pastors and youth) visiting the USA was inspired by the large group of youth, who were willing to hold on to the Word, who were seeking a deeper knowledge of the biblical faith, and who worshipping together in forms uniting Christians of all time.

Conference broschure

Conference handbook

Pictures from the conference:

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